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The Mission behind the butter

Buy some freshly homemade, delicious nut butter for yourself or family and do some good at the same time! For every sale *(see below for details), we deliver one free, big pan of homemade pasta bolognese (tomato meat sauce) to someone that can use a little help.

whether their struggle is physically, mentally or financially...judgement free zone here!

We deliver to someone you know that could benefit from a warm meal for them and/or their family, on us, or we pick someone on our request list.

If you yourself are this person and a free warm meal could benefit you and or your family, don't hesitate to fill out a meal request form on this site, we don't need to know reason, just leave your name and number and/or email, and no worries, we keep your info private at all time!

Even if it's just for one night, one is is for is love...we need more us spread some!!


*(for every 4, 16oz sales or 6, 10oz sales we feed one family


We keep count of every sale and every last week of the month we will make quota of the pans of food that will be going out!)

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The face behing the butter

Hey guys!


my name is Mieke, the face behind "Butters but better".

I'm just a simple girl, obsessed with a lot of things,

but number one is definitely trying to be the best mom I can possibly be!

Another thing is most definitely food, but also trying to stay fit while eating it! The gym is my sanity! 

I am a certified nutritionist, got my NASM personal trainer license a life time ago, and been meal prepping and helping people with their nutrition for a long time.

I also have been a single mom for 5 years now and my daughter Mia was born with a congenital heart defect and some other issues along the way. So just like many of you I had more than my fair share of struggles in the process of becoming the person I am today.

But as most of you also have noticed I am sure, life just got a little harder around here, more! Sooo many people are struggling...It made me realize how blessed me and my little one have been, not for the lack of struggle, but for the help offered along the wouldn't have taken much or i would have been that girl sleeping in her car with her child, about to lose said car..days of skipping meals so the little ones at least would get food in their tummies...soooo many people are living this reality right now, and it could have been me so easily if it wasn't for the kind helping hands reaching out when my ship was sinking...I can't pay those people back, not in a million years, but I at least can try to pay it forward, even just a little.

Love Mieke & Mia.

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